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Intro and some poetry

Hello all, I joined this community this morning, and I thought now was the best time to introduce myself.
My name is Emmy, some call me Spirit, I am 19 and live in Viginia, near Washington, DC.
I have always been facinated with wolves, and feel blessed to have one as a personal totem.

I thought I would share some wonderful and deeply meaningful wolf poetry.

Wolfs Prayer

Follow me down the path,
I will walk beside you.
Guiding and showing you the way,
I will not leave you.
Close your eyes,
You will see 6 sets of prints,
2 belonging to you, 4 to me.
Then you will know that I have not left you,
I will be there to Guide you, Whenever you need me
- Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

My (The Authors) Interpretation of the Wolf Credo of Del Goetz

Respect the elders.

The elders have known many seasons and have seen many things. Their knowledge and understanding can be a valuable asset in helping one along one's path. Try to remember that their knowledge may be strange to you and at times seem senseless - but be patient, open your mind, and show respect to make yourself worthy so that, maybe, they will make an effort to teach you what the years have taught them.

Teach the young.

When you see the gaze of innocent confusion in a young pups eyes, take them into your care, be patient, and try to help them understand. Remember that your years have taught you much and that what seems so simple beneath your graying fur is alien, unknown, or misunderstood to the yearling. Reflect on how it was to fail and on the struggle that has brought you to this moment, then realize that your words may spare another much grief if only they will hear you.

Cooperate with the pack.

The pack protects and guards it's mates, but only if each does their duty. This is the virtue of honor; the strength in unity; a benefit of mutual love and respect within the pack. One's personal views may differ from the pack view - but remember upon whose kill you have been granted the right to feed - and remember that each must pay their own way. For a wolf, this price is the respect shown unto the alphas, the pack and, the pack ways.

Play when you can.

Without play one loses the light in one's spirit. Play strengthens the pack bond and gives rise to fondness between mates. Play helps the pups learn social skills, find their strength, and know their proper place. Play also keeps a wolf limber for the hunt and in good health to defend pack territory. Spend some time with the yearlings and your favored mates, for in their joy, so shall you find your joy.

Hunt when you must.

When the howl is joined and the hunt is called feel proud to do your duty and honor the code. As the alpha nips at the buck's nose quickly rend and bring him down from behind; in force, never hold back, and thus minimize the danger of a hoof to the groin - or worse. When the alpha and his bitch have fed your efforts shall be rewarded with a full gut. And never forget that when it's time to submit to your leader, a lick is better than a nip.

Rest in between.

A wolf must rest to renew one's strength and refresh one's body and mind. Times may come when rest is hard, or the dripping of rain upon one's head causes one's ears to flick - how annoying this can be! So when the opportunity for a good sound rest comes your way, clasp it in dreams of running, hunting, howling, and mating, for rest is a most dear treasure for a wolf.

Share your affections.

Within the pack each wolf is a brother, a sister, or parent, so each should love the others. Sometimes a warmth will flood a wolf's heart; a warmth that wants for the gentle lick, the tender nuzzle, or the comfort of a warm furry mate to curl around. When a wolf feels these things they should be acted upon and expressed, for every wolf wants to be shown love and respect, even if reluctant to respond. To show feelings of love makes the pack strong and loyally bound.

Voice your feelings.

When a wolf holds feelings inside a bitter coldness can build within the heart and mind; this is not healthy for it will make the guts rumble in the night and give rise to the tendency to nip at one's mates. Misunderstandings only grow deeper in this kind of silence. But remember to think before you woof and try and place your paws in the tracks of another wolf before nipping because of delusion, fear, frustration, or anger.

Leave your mark.

When a wolf travels throughout the territory he should occasionally lift a leg merely for the purpose of letting himself be known. This familiarity helps to prevent encroachment of the other packs. Also, there is happiness to be found in one's accomplishments - so let others know what you've done and where you've been, for you will become renown and loved by the pack when they scent you; they honor your contributions to the pack strength and health.

- The Way of Wolf: Nurturing the Lupine Spirit Within Yourself

* Wolf Poetry

* Wolf Country: Myths, legends and stories

I hope you enjoy & I hope to meet other while I am here. Thank you so much. :)

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