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Hey! I just started with LJ, and I was searching for people with similar interests, and I found this group. I love wolves as well - I think I was fascinated with them since... well, since I could register that they weren't just 'big dogs'. I can't remember a time when I didn't look them up, read about them or just boggle at their amazing-ness. Anyway, hope to talk to you all soon! Wolves are a.w.e.s.o.m.e! <3
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Brief intro

Hey there everyone, it's nice to meet you. ♥ Just as an intro, I'm a fellow wolf lover, I'm sixteen years old and an artist. I thought I'd say that I'm happy to find such a community, and I look forward to talking to you all. =]
Cya around!
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wolf roleplay

Hey. I'm new. My name is Hunter. I belong to a pack on irc and I am looking for some members and people to play pups. We are family oriented. Take a look at our website: www.sweetmysticspack.com and e-mail me if you want to join or if you have any questions: sms_hunter@yahoo.com

Alpha Sweet Mystic

Intro and some poetry

Hello all, I joined this community this morning, and I thought now was the best time to introduce myself.
My name is Emmy, some call me Spirit, I am 19 and live in Viginia, near Washington, DC.
I have always been facinated with wolves, and feel blessed to have one as a personal totem.

I thought I would share some wonderful and deeply meaningful wolf poetry.

Wolf PoetryCollapse )

I hope you enjoy & I hope to meet other while I am here. Thank you so much. :)

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hey just came across this community and thought it looked interesting. I am a wolf lover and have been for as long as i can remember. Like the lone wolf I roam alone, I se packs and join but soon leave them in search of something that i do not know. I live by the moon and I wander in great caution. I am 25 in Colorado and feel trapped in the school, job and hope to move to new territory in the next 2 years...
Blessed Be to all

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I recently found this book in a thrift store: "HAUNTED HEARTLAND, TRUE GHOST STORIES OF THE MIDWEST" And there was one from my home state of Ohio that I thought was kickass. About "Old Raridan", a legendary wolf. Now, "legends" of course pick up their embellishments here and there but are always linked to some morsel of truth. I want to go there anyway to see if its true, here's a link to the story I found online.

the story in full


The greatest wolf massacre since the 1950's is now underway in Alaska. Governor Frank Murkowski has reinstated the barbaric practice of aerial gunning. Marksmen can gun down wolves from the air that are easy targets against the fallen snow. Or they can run the wolves to exhaustion, then land and shoot them point blank.

Murkowski's Board of Game has already approved the killing of over 1,000 wolves. They are likely to increase that number dramatically next year.

The Federal Airborne Hunting Act was enacted by Congress to stop such aerial gunning. Defenders has formally petitioned Interior Secretary Gale Norton to enforce this law and halt the wolf killing in Alaska. To date she's refused to act.

Please add your voice and call upon her to act today!
black wolf, given to me by Tiado


Hi everybody, I'm new here. I'm a 21 year old male wolf from Texas. I've been looking for communities to join so I can meet new people and make some more friends and this community seemed like an obvious choice since I am a wolf. If anybody has any questions or just wants to talk then I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for your time.

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Hello there... I'm new in this group. I just know that I've always loved wolves (and foxes) and felt connected with these kinda animals. There's so much folklore about them too, and I love werewolf stories but also stories about real wolves. They are such lovely creatures, and I (yeah I am obsessed) also love to howl to the moon in the forest. I'm glad I found this community :)