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The holidays will soon be upon us, but wolves won't be

While you and I look forward to enjoying the warmth and
goodwill of this joyful season, wolves in Alaska face a
long and dangerous winter. The anti-conservation Alaska
Board of Game has just voted to allow up to 900 wolves to
be killed by the barbaric practice of aerial gunning. 
This is six times as many as were killed last winter.

You can help protect Alaska's wolves for future
generations by adopting a wolf pup for someone on your
holiday gift list. Adopt a wolf!

Last year, Governor Frank Murkowski authorized the aerial
killing of wolves in Alaska. Families of wolves can be
gunned down from airplanes, or run to exhaustion in the
deep snow and then slaughtered when they are too fatigued
to escape. 147 wolves were killed last winter by aerial
gunning. And once the snow falls, the killing will begin

That's why I'd like to tell you about the Defenders of
Wildlife wolf gift adoption program. At the wildlife
adoption center you can make a truly meaningful - and
critical - gift this holiday season by adopting a wolf for
those special people on your holiday gift list:

To save the wolves targeted for slaughter this winter, we
need 900 wolf adoptions in the next 72 hours. By sending a
wolf gift adoption, you will help protect Alaska's wolves
from those determined to kill them. Your gift adoption
will help fund:

** Grassroots efforts to stop aerial gunning of wolves.
Defenders is mobilizing Alaskans and people around the
country, and has launched a national phone call program to
the Governor's office. Please call Governor Murkowski at
(907) 465-3500 and urge him to stop aerial gunning.
** Legal initiatives to fight for wolves in the courts.
Defenders has petitioned the federal government to enforce
the Federal Airborne Hunting Act - which clearly states
that policies like Governor Murkowski's aerial gunning
program are illegal.
** Education and lobbying campaigns to promote wolf
protection. Defenders is working to get the Alaskan
tourism industry to pressure the governor to stop this
senseless war on wolves.

And when you adopt a wolf, Defenders of Wildlife will send
your gift recipient a plush wolf toy and a personalized
adoption certificate suitable for framing.

Help ensure a healthy future for America's wolves and pass
on the legacy of stewardship and conservation to friends
and family.  Go to the wildlife adoption center and make a
wolf gift adoption today.

The holidays will soon be here - please adopt a wolf today!

Thank you for caring
predators that serve as "indicator" species for ecosystem health.
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